Shared Vehicle Program

Welcome to the UTA’s Shared Vehicle Program. The following information is provided to help assist interested agencies understand the details, requirements and expectations of the program.

Getting Started

The Shared Vehicle Program (SVP) was developed after recognizing that many transportation needs cannot be met with transportation services under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or mass transportation. This program is initially being sponsored by Utah Transit Authority’s (UTA) Coordinated Mobility efforts in connection with its designation by the Governor of the State of Utah to administer the 5310 Grants program for urbanized areas in the state. This coordinated effort began in 2009 to support shared transportation solutions to maximize all available human service funding streams.

The SVP fleet consists of vehicles from UTA’s retired vehicle pool that still have useable life.  The vehicles are intended for use in meeting unmet transportation needs or enhancing current human service non-profit transportation needs.

Elements of a SVP Partnership

Though each SVP partnership is unique, they all share four important elements which are:

  • Commitment of the partnering agencies
  • Safety conscious authorized drivers
  • Dedication to maintain accurate reporting records
  • Enhanced transportation within our community

The SVP Vehicle Fleet

Vehicles are a major investment of public tax dollars and private funds. The goal of the SVA Program is to ensure that its vehicles can operate efficiently for an extended period of time.  When a vehicle is driven and maintained properly, the commute runs smoothly, costs are kept as low as possible, the usable life of the vehicle is increased and the growth of the SVA Program is enhanced.

The SVP presently offers two types of vehicles for lease:

  • 10+ passenger vans that are not accessible to mobility devices
  • 26’ cutaway Glavel vehicles that are lift equipped and can hold 8 ambulatory passengers and up to 4 passengers using mobility devices, or several combinations of passengers within that spectrum.

Neither of these vehicles requires a driver to possess a commercial driver’s license.  

Support Services

The SVP Support Team will help the program operate efficiently. Its coordinating efforts include:

  • Helping establish good record keeping habits.
  • Working together for problem resolution.
  • Providing all master copies of required documentation.
  • Developing service productivity on-line reporting.
  • Developing an on-line payment option.
  • Coordinating vehicle sharing with other community partners.

All Inclusive Payments

One monthly lease payment includes all the following costs associated with the vehicle:

  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance Fees
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Payments and Account Balance Information

For SVP monthly pricing click here.

Maintenance Support

The SVP team also assists with the following maintenance activities:

  • Registration and Preventative Maintenance Reminders
  • Delivery/Pickup, Exchanges and Return of Vehicles (Certain Restrictions)
  • Vehicle Inspection Training
  • General Information About the Vehicle
  • Identification of Qualified Maintenance Support Vendors for All Services or Repairs

SVP Monthly Pricing

Vehicle Rate Schedule 12 passenger van 13 passenger (10 ambulatory, 3 wheelchair stations) Small bus
Non-accessible Accessible with lift
Number of days per week Total Days per Month Rate per month Rate per month
1 4 $350.00 $500.00
2 8 $450.00 $650.00
3 12 $550.00 $850.00
4 16 $650.00 $950.00
5 20 $750.00 $1,100.00
6 24 $850.00 $1,250.00
7 30 $950.00 $1,400.00


Agency Eligibility

Agency Eligibility Requirements

A participating agency must be a nonprofit human service provider with an unmet transportation need or must support a human service program and provide transportation services that are beyond the ADA.  All services must support elderly, low income, people with disabilities or veterans and veterans’ family transportation needs. Participating agencies cannot charge passengers for riding in any vehicle leased from the SVP.  Participating agencies may suggest donations for transportation services, but must report all funds donated for transportation services to UTA on a quarterly basis.

Because SVP vehicles display the Coordinated Mobility logo, participant agencies must meet the highest expectations with respect to the service they provide and their interactions with passengers and the public. To help grow and ensure the program’s success, UTA encourages all agency personnel to become ambassadors of and participate in the program.