Weber / Davis County Voucher - Pilot Program

In 2016, UTA, in partnership with Weber County Aging, Davis County Aging, and Roads to Independence, began planning a voucher program based on the needs of the region. The UTA Coordinated Mobility Department determined that a voucher program would help seniors and persons with disabilities to gain access to transportation, as well as assisting them in becoming independent and increasing their overall quality of life.

The goal of this plan is to allow seniors and persons with disabilities to find the mode of transportation that best accommodates them in order to arrange non-emergency medical visits. The Volunteer Driver-Voucher Program was developed to allow eligible participants to arrange these rides with a driver of their choice who would then be reimbursed for the mileage by UTA through a 5310 Grant Award.

The strategy is designed to:

  • Allow the participant to retain their independence and ability to choose the transportation service that best suits their needs.
  • Reimburse friends, family members or neighbors for rides in private vehicles.
  • Offset/reduce the cost of a ride on any applicable mode of transportation.

The general structure of the UTA Volunteer Driver-Voucher Program is as follows:

  • UTA serves as the program administrator. This involves coordinating with partnering or referring organizations.
  • Client and trip eligibility will be determined by partnered agencies.
  • The participant arranges for the particular mode of travel and provides vouchers to an eligible provider or driver.
  • The eligible driver accepts the voucher as payment for the rides provided and redeems the voucher for the cash value from the UTA program administrator.

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Voucher Example