Trip Planner

General information on the Utah Ride Link Trip Planner -

The Utah Ride Link Trip Planner based on the open source 1-Click project and is funded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and operated by the Utah Transit Authority (UTA). Utah Ride Link provides a centralized database containing transportation resources from participating transportation providers along Wasatch Front to quickly and easily identify trip options that can meet your needs. For more information regarding the UTA Coordinated Mobility Group visit our site here.

The Utah Ride Link Trip Planner is ideal for those with accessibility needs such as wheelchair lifts, those with disabilities not requiring special vehicles, seniors, and veterans. The trip planner helps these users find providers and rides that best suit their needs. We do this by having the user answer a list of questions to help determine their needs. Questions such as their age, veteran status, and mobility needs.

The Utah Ride Link Trip Planner doesn’t just help those with accessibility needs. The trip planner will help anyone who needs help getting to their favorite places. The trip planner provides a comprehensive list of all  UTA fixed route services including buses, Trax light rail service, and FrontRunner train services. The trip planner also provides information for various taxi, charters, and Uber services.

Provider Information

If you are a provider that would like to be added to Utah Ride Link Trip Planner please fill out the following Provider Questionnaire and send the completed form to This document includes questions that tell us about who your company is, what service you provide and what type of vehicles you have. This information allows us to classify your services properly and helps determine who is eligible for your service.